Turn your wedding 'day' into a wedding 'weekend'
...because 3 days are better than 1

ShyLynn Ranch Wedding Photo ShyLynn Ranch Wedding Photo ShyLynn Ranch Wedding Photo

Imagine a gorgeous 160 acre ranch with an incredible wedding barn, exclusive campground and a private bank along Salmon River. Now imagine all of that privately reserved just for you and your guests. We're so excited to tell you it's all right here!

Weekend weddings are awesome, SO AWESOME!! A wedding that lasts all weekend long makes your wedding more than just a 1 night event, or a so-called "special day"...it provides you and your guests with the gift of time. It's no longer about squeezing in visits among a 5 hour reception (dinner service, cake cutting, speeches, toasts, bouquet toss, first dance, photo ops)...yikes! Is that even possible?

Now you get to do ALL the things you want at your wedding and still visit with the amazing people who've come all this way for your incredible celebration. Because they're invited to stay with you on the Ranch for the entire weekend.