Let us help you create your dream wedding!

*As we are now fully booked for 2023, new services and inclusions will apply to our new and exciting 2024 wedding package.

Your wedding means the world to us! Not only are we your venue, but we’re with you every step of the way to bring your dream wedding to life. Our on-site coordination team is our secret weapon to making your wedding perfect. From the very beginning, we love to offer recommendations and assistance in choosing all your amazing vendors, as well as be your sounding board for any question or idea you might want to bounce off us. We absolutely love it when our couples keep an open line of communication with us from the moment of booking to the moment you arrive for your weekend. We keep extensive files on all our weddings, getting to know you and your ‘vision’ throughout your planning process, allowing us to serve you in the best possible ways.

With over 30 services and inclusions, we're excited to help make your wedding day as easy and flawless as possible.

Wedding Planning Assistance

Wedding Planning Bride in Doorway

As weddings are our passion, helping you throughout your entire planning process is one of our favourite parts. Everything from building and customizing your ‘day-of’ timeline to picking out your favourite décor elements. We love it when our couples send us photos of decorating ideas from how they’d like their ceremony site to look, the colors of florals they’re considering, and even what kind of table settings they’re in love with. You can honestly never send too many photos and sample ideas, as these allow us to get to know what you’re thinking of and what you love! Weddings are truly what we do 24/7 and we can help in ways you may not even realize. We always tell our couples the more information in your file, the better we can help you bring your wedding vision to life!

The Campground

Campground Trailers in Campground

Weddings include all camping fees so none of your guests have to pay to enjoy the weekend with you. Anyone who might like to stay here onsite for the weekend but doesn’t have an RV might like to check out the local RV rentals (I have a wonderful list of local companies I can give you). We allow RV rental companies to arrive prior to our Thursday opening time, allowing them the opportunity to deliver and set up their accommodation before your guests even get here. *Please know that tenting is also welcome!

The Cabins

Cabins Cabin Interior

Talk about ‘glamping’! While they don’t have running water or power, there is a shower house available as well as washrooms located throughout the campground. Each cabin comes with a queen size bed (cabin 1 has 2 queen beds), a futon (giving you another queen size bed if needed), a private BBQ just off the deck, dishes, indoor and outdoor dining tables and chairs. All three cabins are set up with wonderful solar lighting (on a regular light switch), and as many comforts as we could think of.

Bridal Dressing Suite

Dressing Suite Dressing Suite

This wonderful cabin is dedicated to you and your Bridal Party on the morning of your wedding. It features a beautiful 14ft long vanity counter with three large mirrors, daylight lighting for your hair and make-up crew, a private washroom, large changeroom, blue tooth stereo, as well as a private outdoor deck for you all to enjoy.

Guys Cabin

Groomsman getting ready Groom & Groomsmen

With all three cabins privately reserved for you, wedding parties usually dedicate one of them for the guys to get ready in on Saturday morning. This can be the same cabin you have chosen to stay in for the weekend or one that is open for guests to use that evening, it’s totally up to you.

The Arbour

Wedding Arbour Bride at Arbour

With an entire building dedicated to florals and fabrics, we can create just about any arbour look you could possibly imagine. Not only can we drape your arbour in fabrics and silk florals, but we can accent your aisle however you would love. We also have a ton of signs for you to choose from as well wine barrel accent décor.

Ceremony Rehearsal

Wedding Barn Kids in Wedding Party

On Friday afternoon at 4pm our team will meet with you and your bridal party, as well as anyone else you’d like involved in your ceremony procession like parents, children, etc. This is the perfect time to bring everyone together and give a full run through of your wedding, as we rehearse all the details of your ceremony procession. This is when everyone will get comfortable with their timing, know which order they’ll be walking in, where to stand when they arrive at the ceremony site, how to proceed to your signing table, and even how to exit. It’s the perfect time to calm everyone’s nerves, knowing they’ll be guided the entire way.

Wedding Officiant

Bride, Groom & Officiant Marriage License Signing

Hired by us directly, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our officiant will be with us during your Friday rehearsal as well, which is a wonderful opportunity to go over any last minute details before your big day. If you already have an officiant you’d love to work with, simply let us know.

Grand Entrance Rehearsal

Grand Entrance Grand Entrance

A really fun moment that happens at every wedding is your grand entrance into the reception as your MC announces you for the first time as a married couple. Full of energy and excitement, this typically takes place just prior to dinner as your evening is officially started! During your Friday rehearsal, we’ll run you and your bridal party through this so they’ll feel comfortable and at ease when this happens Saturday afternoon. They’ll know what side of the head table they’re seated on, are they sitting or standing when the bride and groom arrive? Are they coming in as pairs or a group? It seems like such an easy thing to just let happen naturally but when that moment comes it’s a bit of a panic moment as they’re about to be announced but have no idea what the best way is to do things, and it’s happening in like 5 seconds, oh dear! Now, both you and your bridal party will be happy to know that when the time comes, you’ll all look like stars!

Rehearsal Dinner Area

Rehearsal Deck Area Rehearsal Deck Area

For weddings that wish to do a rehearsal dinner, we have a beautiful private building just beside the wedding barn. It will allow you and your bridal party an intimate setting, while still being close to the campground. Located just steps above the wedding barn, you’ll be close to the fridge and prep area. Need some ideas of what to serve? Simply let us know and we’d be happy to give you lots of wonderful ideas that many weddings have done to make this meal delicious (and best of all, stress free).

Full Setup Service

Wedding Dinner Table Decorated Wedding Barn Interior

And now the real fun begins! We’ll meet you (and whoever you’d like with you) in the reception barn on Friday morning as we begin creating your guests’ tables, ensuring your decorating vision has truly come to life. We’ll often have two tables going at one time so you can create a few different looks. Once you’ve chosen your favorite elements and are in love with the design, you’re welcome to head back to the campground, relaxing and enjoying friends and family as we take it from there. When you come back a little while later, we can fine tune anything you’d like. Want to add more décor? Change a few elements around? It’s quite easy. You simply say what you’d like, and we’ll make it happen!

Tables & Chairs

Tables & Chairs Table & Chairs

Our beautiful harvest tables and cross back chairs will be set up for your gorgeous reception. They comfortably fit up to 8 guests per table.

Table Runners

Table Runner Table Runner

We have an incredible selection of linen table runners should you wish to use them. Endless designs of chiffon, cheesecloth, velvet, sequin, and sheer brocades. We love to offer you a variety of colors and textures to enhance your tables.

Linen Napkins

Wedding Place Setting Wedding Napkins

With more than 20 colors and styles, you’ll have fun choosing the perfect linen to accent your dinnerware.

Centerpiece Decor

Centerpiece Decoration Centerpiece Decoration

This massive decor room is truly filled with an incredible variety of everything you’ll need to help you create your dream look! Everything you could possibly desire from lanterns and candles, to vases, tealights, table numbers and more. Would you like shimmering golds, whites and creams, silver or copper, blacks and darker elements? Pillar candles or taper candles? Charger plates? Signs and décor for your card and gift table or guest signing book? It’s one of my favorite places to show couples when they come for a wedding tour because the room is filled with pure magic! Whatever your favorite elements are, we’ve got lots for you to love.

Table Florals

Wedding Flowers Wedding Flowers

This is my second favorite room to show couples. Literally filled to the roof, we’ve got tons of greenery, florals, and everything in between for you to choose from. Once you pick your favorite elements and colors, we’ll create individual floral designs for each of your guest tables and head table, your arbour and ceremony site and more. With the endless possibilities in this room alone, we can create the most beautiful pieces just for you.

Accent Decor

Wedding Decoration Wedding Decoration

We take the time to create beautiful matching accent pieces from your guest tables and carry this throughout your entire reception area, accenting things like your beverage bar, card and gift table, dessert table, wine barrels, etc.

Card & Gift Table

Wedding Card Box Wedding Gift Table

Having this dedicated table allows your guests the perfect spot to set their cards and gifts. This is also a wonderful table to put your signing book as well.

The Extra Touches

Wedding Ceremony Sign Wedding Ceremony Sign

Would you like to add a few outdoor elements to your reception? Perhaps a specific sign or decoration? We have some beautiful ones for you to choose from.

Seating Charts

Wedding Seating Chart Wedding Seating Chart

If you’ve decided to have a seating chart for your guests, we have lots of beautiful ones for you to select from. You can also bring in one that you’ve personally created and we can accent it with florals and décor if you wish. Do you have seating cards you’ve designed yourself? We’re happy to put them up for you. Want seating cards but don’t want to design them? Simply email me a list of your table assignments and I can have these printed for you with a design that matches your wedding vision.

'Day Of' Coordination

Bride getting ready Bridal Party

With our entire team onsite throughout your wedding day, we ensure everything goes perfectly smooth. There are so many details included in this service that I honestly couldn't list them if I tried, but I promise we’ll take care of even the tiniest details. Your only job will be to have the most amazing day of your life, and we’ve got the rest.

Parking Attendant

Large Bus Parking Area

About an hour before your ceremony, our parking attendant will be onsite to help guide guests coming in that day into the parking lot. He’s happy to answer questions and assist your guests in any way they might need. He’ll also direct any vendors coming in during that time to ensure they get to where they need to be.

Hot & Cold Beverage Bar

Coffee & Tea Area Juice Containers

A wonderful feature your guests are sure to love, this service is open right from your ceremony time throughout the entire night. Beverages include refreshing Iced Tea & Lemonade as well as fresh Coffee & Tea.

Bar Service

Groom with Drink Wine Pouring

We provide everything you’ll need for a successful bar experience including your bartender! All you need is your liquor & liquor license (which we can help you with of course). Due to liquor laws, we are not allowed to supply alcohol, so we’ve decided to include every other element we could think of. All your mix is also included! No more truckloads of hitting Costco and storing 20 flats of pop, juice, and mix for months before your wedding. We carry a huge stock of what guests love, and if we’ve learned anything after years of weddings, we know what guests ask for at the bar, lol. If you have any questions or want to make sure we carry a certain type of mix or item, please don’t hesitate to ask.
*All of this is also in our 2023 wedding package with the exception of your bar mix, this is a new inclusion for weddings booked after our 2023 season, thank you.

Cocktail Hour Buffet

Chip with Salsa Snack Tray

Seeing the difference between weddings that have snack buffets available for guests, versus ones that don’t, we can honestly tell you it’s SO worth it! But it’s a lot of work (and stress) for couples to figure out what to bring, as well as the cost and organization that goes with it, so now we take care of that for you. The afternoon cocktail hour buffet is served right after your ceremony. As guests make their way to your reception barn, they’ll be greeted with a beautiful selection of light but delicious goodies, just a little something to tide them over until dinner, a perfect pairing as they begin to enjoy your bar beverages.
*This inclusion applies to 2024 packages, previously booked weddings will not have this inclusion, thank you.

Reception Dishware

Dishes Buffet Dishes

While your dinner meal isn’t something we’re able to provide, we have an amazing list of caterers we can send you, offering wonderful choices sure to help you plan the perfect menu for your guests. As they are one of your main vendors, we love to spoil caterers in any way we can because we know how hard they work. We’re happy to provide your guests dishware so the caterers don’t need to worry about bringing bins of plates (and you don’t need to pay the rental fees often associated with it). While we do require your catering staff to take care of plate clearing at the end of your guest’s meal, it’s a wonderful idea to let them know that they are not required to wash any of our dishes. As soon as dinner service is complete & guest tables are cleared, they’re welcome to pack up for the evening.

Dessert Setup

Cake Cutting Assorted Desserts

Whether it’s simply setting your desserts out, or adding the finishing touches to your wedding cake, we take care of all of this for you. No matter what you’ve chosen to serve, we can make it look incredible! As soon as you’re cake cutting is complete, we open your full dessert bar for your guests. We’d also be happy to cut your wedding cake for your guests if you’d like and display it beautifully for them to enjoy. There’s no fee for cake cutting service, we find it works amazing at weddings and are happy to include it. Please let your dessert person (wedding cake baker) know that once they drop the cupcakes, wedding cake (or whatever you might be serving) off at the barn (usually Friday afternoon or Saturday morning) we’d be happy to take it from there. They are not required to set up your items for you, in fact, it truly works better if they don’t set these out ahead of time so that we can ensure everything is kept safe until the perfect serving time. They are welcome to instruct us on any finishing touches they’d like applied (flowers, cake topper, etc) and we’re happy to take care of all of this.

Table Maintenance

Guests at Table Table Cleaning

We maintain beautiful table service throughout the entire afternoon & evening, this especially comes in handy as your guest tables become filled with drink glasses, dessert dishes, etc. We love to keep your tables tidy and your guests happy. Please note that your caterer is responsible for clearing dinner plates after dinner service, but we take care of everything else before & after dinner, and for those few stragglers who hold onto their dinner plates a little longer, lol.

Evening Snack Buffet

Nachos Display of Treats

While your cocktail hour will offer lighter foods, your evening buffet will include delicious items designed to help soak up the drinks they’ve been enjoying throughout the evening. Usually served around 9:30pm, we love to appeal to all the cravings your guests might have from yummy carbs to something salty or sweet. Our snack buffets are carefully curated and ordered from local vendors. Always gorgeous and plentiful, they are absolutely one of the best bonus features that your guests will enjoy!
*This inclusion applies to 2024 packages, previously booked weddings will not have this inclusion, thank you.

Takedown Service

Bride & Groom Bride Relaxing

Full clean up is absolutely included in our services. By the time you wake up on Sunday morning, we’ll already have all of your items set aside so it’s easy to collect whatever goes home with you. You don’t even have to touch a broom or cleaning cloth, we do it all!

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